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If you are in need of a dog trainer, I have used the services of Indian Trail Dog Training.  The owner Cheryl Connelly is wonderful to work with.  SheIndian Trail Dog Training helped me with my 9-month-old black lab, Jake.  He now listens to commands and is doing so much better with my other dogs as well.  Jake was so bad on walks. Yes, I said that (coming from a dog walker) He would drag me down the street and just would not listen to me at all.  I just had no idea what I was going to do as he just would not listen to me and commands I would give him were not working.  With just a few adjustments and going over commands with him I am now able to walk him and it is a pleasure.  Thank you, Cheryl, for teaching me and giving me the tools to make my life with my boy Jake much better. You taught me a few tricks that will also help me with my pet sitting clients as some of them are a challenge to walk as well.  

It really does make a huge difference to have a well-behaved dog.  Jake seems a lot happier now as well.  It is like we can read each other’s minds as he knows what I expect from him and I know what he wants from me.  Happy Dog, Happy mom.

Indian Trail Dog Training will come to your house south of Charlotte to provide in-home dog training.  Working in your home allows the trainer to observe your dog in the dog’s own environment.  The trainer can then tailor the program according to your specific needs.

I highly recommend Indian Trail Dog Training for all your dog training needs.  Give Cheryl a call and tell her Maureen, from Love and Kisses Pet Sitting sent you.

Call to set up a consultation to discuss your training needs. Their Phone number is 980-269-4517


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