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Pet Sitting Services - Love & Kisses Indian Train N.C.

At Love And Kisses Pet Sitting we customize our pet sitting services
for you and the needs of your pets!  

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Our Pet Sitting Services (Dog Walking)Include the Following:

  • One on one attention with their pet sitter
  • Walks to promote health and burn energy
  • Playtime with their favorite toys or games
  • Maintenance of their regular feeding routines
  • Fresh water and clean bowls at each visit
  • Litter box scooped and kept fresh and clean
  • Brushing to keep them clean and shinny (leave brush out for sitter)


Vacation Clients Get These Services Free

  • Bring in your mail and newspapers
  • Water your indoor household plants
  • Bring in/take out trash
  • Rotating lights and blinds to give a “lived in” look
  • Checking that doors and windows are secure
  • Regular text/picture updates on how your babies are doing

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Our Pet Sitting Services:

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

Our Sitters Give lots of Love and Kisses to your pets

Daily Dog Walking:

Whether you need services on a regular basis or occasionally, Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is there to provide your pooch with companionship, a potty break and exercise to break up their day.

In-Home Pet Sitting (while you’re on vacation)

Leaving your babies behind when you travel for business or pleasure can be a difficult thing to do! Travel with peace of mind knowing your pets are safe and relaxed in their own home, sleeping in their own comfy bed and playing with their own toys. We will come to your home to care for your pets 1-4 times a day depending on the type of pet you have and what their needs are.

Overnight Pet Sitting……. Our overnight “Pawjama Party”

Looking for pet sitting luxury? Try our overnight services! Your pet sitter will stay overnight with your fur baby from 8:30pm to 6:30am Your pet will get to spend the entire night snuggling in bed or resting easy knowing someone is home with them. Our overnights include the evening and morning routines and are perfect for dogs who may be used to going out to potty very late at night or very early in the morning.

24 Hour Live-In Pet Sitting….ultimate in pet pampering

This premium pet package is the ultimate in pet pampering, because your fur kids deserve the best! Our sitter will live at your home during Me and Staceys mom dogyour time away to take your dog out whenever they need . Your pet will get one on one attention that they deserve. We will go for walks and play ball in the yard if that is what they are accustom to.  We will also cuddle with your kitty cat and give them tons of personal care and attention.   Your sitter will be at your home a majority of the day, leaving briefly if needed for personal needs, meals, etc, ensuring your beloved pets get round the clock love and attention.

Home Security Check
No pets, no problem! We will come by to check in on your home while you’re away. We’ll bring in the mail and any packages, water plants, adjust the lights, bring in trash cans, and give your home a “lived in” look.

Dog Training 

We will help you with basic dog training and work with you and a trainer (hired) on any positive reinforcement techniques. We can recommend a trainer/behaviorist for specific issues and will collaborate work them to ensure the training methods are duplicated by our team.

Dog and Cat Nail Clipping 

You asked for it so we will now offer it.  If your pets need to have their nails clipped and you don’t want to have to pack them all up into the car and spend an hour doing this  just give us a call and we can now schedule this service for you.  As a former dog/cat groomer I have many years experience in doing this for my clients.

$20 for  one pet

$10 for each additional pet

Farm Animal Services:

We will also take care of your farm animals.  Whether you have chickens, goats, horses, pigs, you get the picture, we will feed, water and make sure your animals are safe. You tell us what their routines are and we’ll try to be your perfect substitute. We provide peace of mind knowing your animals and your home will be cared for while you are away.

Customized pricing based on number of animals and visits.  Please call for pricing 704-763-9857

Pet Cam Rental

Our most unique services is our Pet Cam Rental – The in-home PetCam rental allows you to see and even hear your pets while you’re away. We setup the wireless cameras in your home and you can view your pets  from any computer or smartphone that has Internet service.  Some cameras just let you to see your pets, but with Love and Kisses Dropcam you can actually hear them barking or meowing and playing with their pet sitter. This service will give you peace of mind know your pets are being cared for. Our PetCam will even record in the dark.. Our clients LOVE them!!

Poop Scoop Your Yard

This another add on service we are now offering.  you love your dogs but you may not be crazy about cleaning up after them, or you just may not have time in your busy life. Well, now you don’t have to.  We are a phone call away from the convenience of a service that comes to your home  once or twice a week and cleans-up what your best friend left behind.   Our service will leave you with more free time, less arguments over who’s going to clean-up the dog poop and a healthy environment for you and your family, including the dog(s). No more stepping in “it” or tracking “it” into your home.  Just let us know you want to add this to your service if we are pet sitting for you.

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